Thursday, May 04, 2017

Learn Tarot the fun way with Kitchen Table Tarot by Melissa Cynova

Kitchen Table Tarot book review

I am doing book reviews again!! We will start off with "Kitchen Table Tarot" by Melissa Cynova.

I have been reading cards off an on since I was 16. I have gone through numerous books about learning tarot in the past, and frankly it can be overwhelming. I wish that "Kitchen Table Tarot" had been available in the 80s, it would have saved me so much stress! In Kitchen Table Tarot, you feel like you are at your BFF's house or best next door neighbors house learning in a relaxed and fun way.  Ms. Cynova is very down to earth, direct and gets straight to point about learning, reading and working with your deck. You will also learn how to give readings and how to handle when readings go wrong (which they do!). I giggled through this because like Ms. Cynova I have also said in a reading "And now is the time I have to yell at you", in a loving way of course!

A lot of people are drawn to Tarot but then get very intimidated when they think they have to "memorize" long meanings about all 75 cards. Or that is is too "woo woo/hocuspocus" for them. Ms. Cynova doesn't do woo woo or get hocus pocus-y in this book, it is very down to earth and will appeal to most people. As far as memorization,  The truth is you do need some knowledge of those cards but that's why they have very descriptive images on the fronts of them. All those symbols are there so you can give a reading and remember reading the cards is 20% card meaning/80% intuition. 

"Kitchen Table Tarot" starts an intro on how the author got into Tarot, then chapter one getting started with a deck. Chapter 2 is all about keeping yourself and your cards energetically and physically clean. In Chapter 3, she gets into the ethics of readings. It's important to remember people come to you in various emotional states and you don't want to bluntly give sensitive information. The the book dives into the cards, their stories and meanings. Chapter Four is The Major Arcana and Chapter Five & Six are all about the Minor Arcana. Chapter Seven goes into detail about doing professional Tarot readings and chapter Eight is about "When Readings Go Weird". There are also exercises to get to know your cards, and how to practice to become a better reader. The is a list of book recommendations in the back as well. 

The only thing I would disagree with in this book is that she says "It's ok to carry around your tarot book and reference it during a reading". IMHO - I think that is ONLY ok to do that when you are practicing and learning. I  consider referencing a tarot book a huge NO NO when getting paid to get a reading. If you need the book to read, you aren't ready to call charge for your skills. Sorry, not sorry but that's just the way it is. Would you pay a plumber $100 an hour who has to pull out a book to fix a pipe? my guess is no, you want someone who knows what they are doing. Same goes for tarot. 

Overall though, this is a fun, informal book on learning the tarot and worth a read even for advanced card readers. If you'd like to get a copy for yourself, click here to go directly to Amazon and get a copy of your very own. 

Disclosure: I received a pdf of this book from NetGalley for my honest review, but I bought a hard copy as well  because I think it is a great book and a good edition to my library.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Does anyone even read blogs anymore???

I wonder, do people still read blogs? I never seem to anymore, Facebook and Instagram makes it easier to catch up with everyone. But if anyone IS reading this, here are some pretty jewelry pieces for you to look at. All are in the Spectral Jewelry shop

Saturday, September 24, 2016

I'm official - Certified Spiritual Advisor

In April I started a two month long Advanced Mediumship class through LWISSD with Lisa Williams.  We had a three day intensive in June to learn more and be tested. It was held in Lily Dale, NY one of my favorite places to visit.
I won't lie - Even though I've been reading for 3 years, it was a tough three days.
I wanted to walk out a few times, but I pushed through all the Empathy overload, finished and passed the course. I am now a certified Spiritual Advisor through LWISSD for the five years. At that time, I will be required to retest and be recertified to make sure we are still at the standards Lisa has set. 

I am very proud to have this accomplishment. I have gotten more then a couple snide comments about how this is "worthless" and "you don't need to be certified to be good". True, there are many amazing uncertified Mediums in the world. This paper just means that one of them trained me and says she approves of my skills.  Like any other profession, certification means you went through training and became better at what you do.  So to all those naysayers out there, me getting certified and getting training is a good thing. Can you just be happy for me and not criticize or judge? 

Everyone in our class bonded, it was an amazingly supportive group. I also met a number of people who will be life long friends. I thank you all for sharing in this experience with me. And a huge thank you to Lisa, Karen and Amy for sharing your love, talent and Spirit with me.  

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Want To Do Something A Little Different for Mother's Day?

Bring your Mom to our Spring Fling Psychic Lunch!!!! May 7th at Stancatos Restaurant in Parma, You'll get lunch, soft drinks and dessert while myself, Melinda and Iris bring you messages from your deceased loved ones, spirit guides, answer your questions about love/finances/career or family and see what your pet wants you to know!!!!

Contact Melinda at 440-888-0421 to purchase your ticket or buy them online on her website under Special Events

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Celebrating the 125th Anniversary of the Ouija Board

photo copyright 2015Talking Board Society Inc. 

OuijaCon is happening this weekend in beautiful Baltimore. Sadly, I won't be attending but my Ouija and Planchette necklaces will be there! Rosemary Ellen Guiley will be wearing her necklace and Nora Custer Designs will have a small selection for sale as well. If you want to get one there, stop by and see Nora first thing!!!
Talking Board Pendants and Planchettes by Spectral™

What is OuijaCon you ask? OuijaCon is the Talking Board Historical Society Inc.'s inaugural event . They will be celebrating the history and legend of the Ouija board with some of the worlds foremost authorities. There will be lectures, workshops, a temporary museum, vendors and the chance to converse with other talking board enthusiasts. Guests include Robert Murch, Chip Coffey, John Zaffis, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, and many more!

Find out more about the events and pricing on the OuijaCon event page. You can buy a one day pass that gives you access to everything happening that day.

Artsy Clothes Patterns for Artsy Ladies

New Vogue Sewing Patterns were released a few days ago. While some people are really HATING on them, I find myself loving the avant garde influences. So much so I'm putting ALL of these on my pattern wish list! 

First up is this super elegant top/skirt pattern Vogue 1451 by Donna Karan
This is a real statement outfit, perfect for a gallery opening. I am so in love with the uneven mermaid flare skirt and the asymmetrical top.  I think this would look great on all sizes, and it's first on my "to buy" list.

This is on the "maybe" list. While I LOVE this sundress Vogue 1446 by Rebecca Taylor, I know sewing all those pintucks would drive me batty!! And check out the gorgeous back!!!

  Regardless of the pintucks and all that piecing in the back, I am lusting after it and what to try it! LOL

This pretty one is Very Easy by Vogue, Vogue 9100. It's the perfect retro sun dress.
I love this because not only is it Very Easy, it includes separate pattern pieces for A-D cups!!! No need to do a massive FBA on this lovely dress. And I LOVE this fabric, wish I could find it too!

I LOVE the top in this Sandra Betzina Pattern Vogue 1452
The pattern includes palazzo pants as shown. Not so sure I like the combo together, but I would like to try the pants pattern as well in a plain fabric. 

I also love the simplicity of this 20's inspired dress V9102
The dress has a slim version as well as this one with godets. I have three or four small pieces of vintage border print fabric that I've been saving. They are too small for a dress but would perfect as godets. Also, I LOVE the perfect chevron piecing on this, and want to try this as well. 

During the MANY summer days here when it's too danged hot and humid to wear clothes, (no central air in our house, UGH!) I think this lovely flowy tunic dress V9107 in silk would be perfect.

Last but certainly not least, is this Marcia Tilton V9112 Miyake inspired tent dress. 

I love the 60's style funnel neck, I love the piecing, the shaped hemline and the way it flares. I'm NOT so sure it would look as cute as a dress on someone my size, but this length on me is a tunic. I can do tunic. 

I love buying patterns but never seem to have the fabric I want. I really need to go to NYC for a couple of days and shop.  I miss Discount Fabrics in San Francisco, they had EVERYTHING. My only options here are Joann and Walmart, boohoo. 

What's on your Spring/Summer sewing list?

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

More Festive Holiday Crafts-Pink Printable Tree by Claudine Hellmuth

photo ©2013 Claudine Hellmuth

While doing a little blog reading, I saw this adorable FREE printable tree from my friend Claudine.  I love it and it goes perfectly with my holiday color scheme this year. They are so adorable!  Print and use as is or add a bit of glitter/glue on some sequins if you want a bit more sparkle.   I'm going to make a few and decorate the mantel with them and maybe hang a few on the big tree. 

You can visit Claudine's blog HERE to see more of her retro art and other adorable print outs to purchase.   She also has a free printable gift box you can customize too! THANK YOU Claudine for the awesome retrofabulous goodies!

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Tis the Season To Start Decorating!

 The Saint John 2103 holiday tree done up in pinks and light aqua.

I know it's a bit early to put up the tree, but I wanted to have a longer holiday season this year.  We usually put it up a couple weeks prior to Christmas but we could use a little extra CHEER this year. I got a white tree a couple of years ago and love it!!! I use to have a vintage aluminum one but my old cats use to eat it. NOT GOOD!  I also have a small pink one for my studio I will be putting up this weekend.  Every year we decide a different color scheme, this year its pastel pinks, aqua and silver.   I need to get a different tree topper because this one gets lost with all the pastel colors.  I don't have a lot of vintage ornaments in these pastel colors but the new plain globes are timeless.  

I started looking for some vintage ornament inspirations and came across a pattern for a vintage looking felt deer ornament on the Thrift Store Crafter Blog. It's SOOOO retro I let out a loud SQUEEE! when I saw it. Luckily, I had pink wool felt so whipped up this pretty little deer head.  

I cut out a few more I need to make this week as gifts.  For some reason I am having a HARD time finding a good, pale aqua felt!  Maybe next year I'll find some in time.  This pattern is pretty easy to do and great as a tween/teen craft too.  You can find the pattern HERE.  She also has a number of other fun vintage inspired felt ornament patterns up including Alistair the Penguin, and this ADORABLE Blue Bird (which I'll be stitching up next!) 
photo ©2013 Thrift Store Crafter

I think next years tree will be all vintage look hand made felt ornaments. If I start NOW I should have enough to fill the tree come Christmas 2014!