Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Days flying by

How did it happen??? its after midnight, I only woke up a few hours ago....or so it seems.. I got up at 9:30am, but the day has FLOWN by.

I seriously don't know where the day went....didn't get much done again-thats not exactly true-I got little things done like laundry, went thru one drawer of art junque, tagged and priced some yarn, gathered some stuff for the show, sewed on but did not finish one needle case, spun for a couple of hours...the day just flew by.

HOPEFULLY, I can get up at a reasonable hour and start my day earlier. I need to work on a couple of big projects and need to do them ASAP. So thats the goal for tomorrow.


MizCarla said...

welcome to my hell darlin. You just descriped every one of my days :D

So glad to see you here-will add you to my cool peeps list!


Colette said...

Little things still amount to something!! Laundry takes up too much time (I hate doing it). Hope you'll post some pics of your luscious yarn here...

Saints and Sinners said...

thanks doll!!

glad to know its not just me who has days like this...