Sunday, May 21, 2006

First post

My first post....hard to start on a blank page.

This journal is gonna be primarily for my art, yarn and jewelry work and talking about art, yarn and jewelry.

I am spinning yarn EVERY day-its very addictive, I wish there where a way to hook the wheel up to a stationary bike or treadmill so I could get some exercise too LOL. I list new yarns every friday on my website.

I am also vending at Art Fiberfest at the end of June=and am trying to get some fresh stock done for that-I would LIKE to get enough done so that I can pack it all and relax about 2 weeks a head of time. Thats the goal anyway!


Colette said...

It looks good!

Your yarns are looking fabulous, and I know you will sell out at art fiber fest.

Saints and Sinners said...

thank you!!!