Wednesday, May 31, 2006


The past 24hours have been a bit of hell.. First the digital camera died...just up and died....I took one pic, the batteries died, changed them and BAM system failure message...and nothing will fix it... I spent 45mins looking online for solutions, called hubby-he spent 35mins looking for a firmware update-which isn't available anywhere BUT ebay for $20...which he then spent. Then the HP printer died-well 1/2 died. It prints but makes many lines...and nothing I did fixed that. Tried my back up Epson would only print Magenta and really badly at that...started to have a fit...Hubby came home, finally got firmware code from ebay-spent an hour putting that on the camera and it doesn't work..YOu can turn the camera on, ONLY if you have it hooked up to the computer with the usb cable..and then you can't adjust anything or change settings-it goes back to system error screen.. all you can do is point and shoot.....Rob thinks the internal hard drive is corrupted in it, and it would cost more to fix it then replace it.

but-there is NO $$$$ to replace anything right now. Just had another dog bill of over $1000 2 weeks ago, and my sales have been non-existant...But even so, I HAD to have aprinter, I have to be able to print mailing lables and stuff...sigh...... so Rob got me one at Lunch and brought it home. Another HP which I am happy. The last one was a WORKHORSE, I had that thing 4 yrs and printed thousands of pages on it, without too many problems...the epson was dispoasable, the first epson lasted 2 yrs, and this one only one more epsons for me. I only had it for art printing since it had the archival inks, but I'll live without it.

The camera I'll just have to live with, until I make some $$...HOPEFULLY I will at this show..HOPEFULLY.... or I'll have someone buy a bunch of stuff-that would help too.

well-back to work, since I haven't done any in 38 hours..


ladylinoleum said...

Oh girl, I'm so sorry to hear about your tech probs! I hate it when my technological housemates get in the way of my creative output. I'm sending you good electronic vibes.

Also, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! I will be adding you to my bloglines so that I can blogstalk ya.

Hey, as soon as I get some extra moola, I'll buy some of your stuff. I took a look at your website...fabulous stuff!

Saints and Sinners said...

Thank you so much!! you do AMAZING stuff too!