Thursday, June 15, 2006

Still alive and kicking!

Just busy!! I finally got a new camera and printer and life is better! Weird, my fan died as did something else the past week too-musta been the time period for appliances to expire in this house! But everything is working now and I'm happy.

I've been working on spinning and jewelry.. Seems that I think "oh I'll make some of these _____ quickly" always turns into I get one pair of earrings done in 3 hours cause I'm spending time searching for the RIGHT parts..

I have gotten some soldered pendant necklaces done, a couple of button earrings, some felt ball earrings and I don't know what else jewelry wise to sell. I think I'm gonna stop now. I still have a TON of jewelry left over that hasn't sold from past ventures and I don't want any more clutter in my life is possible. I spun another 5 skeins this week thus far, and hopefully will get another 10 or so done before next Thursday. I need to figure out how to display this yarn-maybe just baskets from the thrift??? and I am done. Its a smaller show so I don't want to take TOO much, but I want enough to make sales too. I never did get new business cards printed up-not sure I have time now or not.

After this show, I want to REALLY figure out how to make money from this..REALLY. Others are doing it-why not me???? Alot of people are tightlipped about which stores will buy handspuns, and thats sad. I understand tthey are afraid of perhaps not making sales themselves, but I believe theres enough opportunity for everyone.

I got a tip about doing something with my jewelry that I'm not sure about, and will mull it over but not do anything until after this show too. It would require giving away a number of 'freebies' in the hopes of having it bring in sales.......the woman who told me about it, said one magazine photo and she doesn't have to pound the pavements & sell anymore-just create. Sounds nice doesn't it???? I just don't know if my stuff has any mass appeal....I don't really want it to have mass appeal, but enough appeal to those who like unique things and BUY them.
ok, I'm just thinking out loud here.

Reaching for the stars-thats my goal for the 2nd half of 2006.


Colette said...

Baskets for display sound good, maybe lined with tissue paper like a gift basket?

You're wise to think before you act on the jewelry tip. My sense is that "one magazine photo and all I have to do is create" is a little exaggerated, maybe a result of beginner's luck.

You are going to sell everything at Artfiberfest. Because your goodies are gorgeous, beautifully made, and because I say so.

Saints and Sinners said...

thank you! I certainly hope I do sell it all and get some repeat business!

ms*robyn said...

reaching for the stars !! wonderful - ya gotta aim high !! think positive and manifest too!!!!

Saints and Sinners said...

thank you ms. robyn! I must add you to my blog list!