Monday, July 10, 2006

Monday, monday

Still working on my room-yes, it takes me FOREVER to clean!! but in my own defense-I am sorting and purging so that does take longer. Thinking hard bout what I will REALLY use, and POSSIBLY use as opposed to "oh this could come in handy, I may use this someday" mentality I had up to now.

I am going thru fabric now, and I have given myself TWO shelves for it. thats it!! TWO little shelves!!! no more 50gallon totes for me!! I either have to USE it or not buy it-ridiculous to hang on to all this fabric for years and years..... I have a stack to get rid of as well.

My neighbor offered me a bookcase, I hope I can get it this week. I THINK I have room for it up here and it will house fiber and yarn because I have NO place for either at the moment. This room is only 8x 11' and you have to take into account one of the walls is only a 1/2 wall, one wall is a railing, and on a 3rd wall there are 2 NOT alot of wallspace for shelves or bookcases!

I am working tonight at the spa, one client, and I don't know if its an hour or an hour & 1/2 session.....Also one tomorrow evening as well-but that time keeps changing and I HOPE it changes to 1-3 as opposed to 6:30-8:30 where it is now.

I leave you with a pic of a yarn that I created for "A place to Bark & meow Animal Rescue" Art Auctions. Bernie will be starting the auctions sometime next month, I'll post when she gets them started..


Jamye said...

what an absolutely adorable yarn! it looks fantastic :D

ms*robyn said...

so what do you do at the spa?
hee, hee another fabric collector. I am one too, although I have managed to cull alot lately, sending it off to school to be used in year 12 works of art for examinations.
hope the toe is healing xoxo

ms*robyn said...

ps - I visited San Francisco about 15 years ago! loved it. I got lost in the city up near the missions, nearly setting an old mission on fire with a candle. And I love Alcatraz - that was an amazing tour.

Colette said...

I'm proud of you!!

The yarn is precious, and so appropriate. Woof!