Wednesday, August 09, 2006

the RED & AQUA swap!!!

Hi gang!

I got such a great response, I decided to run with it!!!!! I put it up on SWAP-BOT, which will make all of our lives so much easier! If you wanna join, run over HERE and read the rules, and sign up!

the link isn't showing up!!


miss*R said...

ooh, great to see its a go! I have sent a few over. off to sign up for sure. swap bot? never heard of it but will find out soon, I guess. thanks ms*B xo

Connie and Rob said...

This sounds like it is going to be fun. I followed miss*r over. Signed up on swap-bot already.

Take care,

Saints and Sinners said...

for some reason, my swapbot link didn't work..

here it is: