Friday, August 04, 2006

Website update

Another friday and another update! I actually (finally!) added some new art (assemblage section) and jewelry (new felt category and earrings in Mixed Media section) to the site, as well as more"Little bits" yarn for your scrapping, tag, and mixed media artworks.

I"m working on a "yarn series" so haven't put up any normal size skeins this week. Hopefully I'll be done with the first part of my series this weekend and have it up for next weeks update.

On a thrilling note=I'm going to camp pluckyfluff next weekend, and I know I'll come back fully charged and inspired to spin more and more!

Click the pic to go directly to the website.


Colette said...

Camp Pluckyfluff?? Ohhhhhh. and Squeaaaaaaa.

I hope you have a ball.

miss*R said...

ooh it is soooooo good to see you back xo please, please come say hi on my new blog! what is camp pluckyfluff (gee you would have to be careful saying that after a few drinks!) sounds fun anyhow. off to see your new stuff ! xo