Wednesday, September 06, 2006

HI everyone!
I've been busy spinning halloween yarns, and dealing with my health thingie. Also, I've been doing alot of NFP bodywork this week. The IMT center is having an intensive this week, so theres been alot of extra work there. I love doing it, so even though it keeps me away from the house and away from art-its wonderful to get OUT of the house and be around people doing healing. Tomorrow is all MINE, so I'll be spinning my tiny fingers off, and taking pics, setting the twist and trying to get the site ready to update for Friday. I WANT to get the Halloween yarns up, since its that time of year......and I need to replenish the other yarns too. And at some point-I'd LOVE to make some jewelry!!! Also=I'm completely redoing my website with a new host, new shopping cart and new look.....Not alot of work there LOL-thankfully, my wonderful husband has offered to do 99% of that and learn the PHP stuff. I also have a book submission that I'd like to do (deadline Oct 1) and fill out an application to teach which is also due Oct I have ALOT to do.

I've also become involved in our local Craft Mafia as part of the leadership team. That is also going to take up a large chunk of my time this fall as we re-organize and get it going strong. Its also very exciting as well; to create a network of collegues and opportunities. Currently I am on the SFCM leadership team with Jamie of Mary Janes Attic, Leslie of Fiesty Elle, and Jackie of Craft Gym. Please check them out, as well. We'll be hosting a "Mafia Made" trunk show at the Craft Gym in November. I"ll be listing the info closer to that time, so you can all come and buy some handcrafted holiday gifts!

Well, its only 9:30pm so I SUPPOSE I could try to get one yarn spun up tonight!!! I promise pics on Friday!


natasha said...

i always forget to get the holiday yarns done until it is too late. i suck.

quick question...what kind of resin do you use for your jewelry. i have been experimenting (as i am sure you know) and am always up for suggestions...

Saints and Sinners said...

hey girl!
I haven't been on line much this week, so I've missed your posts! lemme go have lookey!