Thursday, September 28, 2006

Its alive!!!!!!!!!!!!

The website will be live as of Friday, Sept 29th...the server is having a few glitches right now-so best to check tomorrow morning.

Please join my mailing list on there too!!!


Colette said...

Dearest "Demented Yarn Bitch":

Your new website is wonderful, professional and user-friendly.

Yours very truly,

Demented Collage Bitch (wearing a red hat created by Demented Yarn Bitch, loves it so much she has been photographing herself)


Saints and Sinners said...

Thank you!

I made your hat from this pattern

so you can see how sometimes the back is flipped up, the side can be flipped up, etc....


Colette said...

I'll take a look!

When I first put it on I had the brim lifted in the front and it was so cute. (That's how I like to wear it) But when I photographed myself, I didn't realize the brim was down. I would also wear it with the flower in the front AND brim tipped up