Friday, September 29, 2006

Well, the new site is up, the DNS transfer had a few glitches, but the server seems to be mostly ok and I've had tons of visitors. Thanks to the eagle eyes of Tracie, I realized my email wasn't on there, but there is a form to fill out if someone has a question. Rob said it would cut down on spam and spiders searching for emails if it wasn't on there-but we decided to put it on there cause its easier for people that way.

Also-re did the mailing list, so you don't have to register either. You can just put in your email and click. YAY! Registering is required for purchases though-cause its your shipping info.

So now you can all go add yourselves to the mailing list easily!! HINT HINT!

Also, remember the Red & Aqua Swap I hosted on swapbot??? Well guess who never got her swap package??? thats right dolls, ME.....How uncool is that??? The swap hostess gets swaplifted! And it was coming from the US, so not like it was international would take 2 weeks to get to me..... so not cool... I'd get upset but what does that accompish???

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