Friday, September 22, 2006

Yet another Friday!

Yet another Friday yarn update-click here!! NOT without alot of hassle though..I will be SOOOOO glad when the new website is up and I don't have to use the Earthlink Trellix crap anymore!!!!!! I have up 8 new yarns, in larger yardages. My goal is to finish the new website then start spinning like mad this coming week.

Speaking of, the new website should be up by Thursday of next week, so be sure to come and see it, and add your name to the mailing list. It will be great to have that instead of the yahoogroup that no one joins.

I am thinking about implementing a commisioned yarn option. I usually don't like comission work, but with yarn it should be a BIT easier. There would be a service charge for this personalized service-what do you all think???

Happy Weekend everyone!

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natasha said...

the link doesn't work...