Thursday, October 19, 2006

Friday Yarn update

Well, it appears that my past few days of sinus pain and throat tightening has manifested into a bit of a cold. Today is eyewatering, sneezing, and general BLAHHHHHHH.

I should right a long post about the SF Craft Mafia -Craft Magazine launch party, but I'm lazy and not into writing that much this week. Suffice to say-it was a lot of fun. If you go onto flickr, you could find some pics of the party. I didn't take my camera, cause I didn't think I would be staying too long-dumb me! oh there was some GREAT food too! We were really pleased with the turn out. I have to applaud my fellow Mafia Girls Jamie Chan and Jackie Ortega for the tremendous amount of work they put into making the launch party happen. If it weren't for them, it never would have been.

I was a good girl and worked on my yarn pics today. I did most of the descriptions yesterday=so that cut down alot of time! Also moving in slow motion today so I'm glad I did all that yesterday. There will be 6 skeins up-Catholic School Girl, Besame and Besame Mucho, Vintage Wedding #5, Princess Kitty, and Night Blooms...heres a sneak peek at a few of them:

Tomorrow I am gonna work on SOMETHING ELSE!! I need to do other creative things for a bit. I also took a bunch of pics of vintage patterns for ebay, and I should probably list them tomorrow to get them the heck out of here.

I am also in charge of gathering items for the raffle for our trunk show=so if anyone is interested in donating something, please email me and I'll give you the particulars.

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natasha said...

really pretty! i love em all!