Friday, October 13, 2006

Heres the Friday Yarn Update!
Got 4 new ones up.. I wonder if I should keep doing the "Friday" thing..I've been putting a few up sporadically throughout the week as well...But I guess advertising as
'new yarns every Friday' keeps people at least bookmarking and visiting on that day.

I have a smaller yardage punk yarn up, a pretty scrappy cat, a scary Clown inspired yarn and another Vintage wedding as seen here.

I NEED to clean up my room and this entire place...REALLY...REALLY...but, I need to spin more, get some stuff together for the trunk show, for a couple of other shows that someone is gonna sell for me, AND a 600 yard consignment yarn... and where do I fit in some situps and love for the hubby & kitties??? and and friends???

This week has FLOWN by! its crazy!

1 comment:

velmalikevelvet said...

barbe, this wedding yarn is spectacular. i am making a yarn from lace scraps right now that would have looked perfect with it.

i couldn't figure out how to spin the fabric in, so i just tied it end to end!