Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I finally did a punk yarn..been wanting to do THAT for months too, but could I find a basic red plaid ANYWHERE in this city???? no! Eventually lucked out last week at the thrift store with a mens shirt.

It is my farewell to CBGB's=Enjoy
IF this darn thing will let me put a pic up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Colette said...

I like it!

What is CBGB???


ladylinoleum said...

OMG, I need this woman! Is it for sale?

Saints and Sinners said...

Colette-Thank you! cbgb's was a punk rock club in Manhattan, a real hole in the way place but an icon.

Ladylinoleum=Thank you! It was for sale, but someone snapped it up this morning! I did a smaller one, with skulls and tiny eyelash yarn, that I need to take a pic of too. I don't know if I have enough plaid to do another but I'm gonna try LOL

velmalikevelvet said...

b, this is awesome! i've been wanting to spin w/ fabric; i've got a big stash of lace i'll probably use.


Saints and Sinners said...

Velma=you should just start spinning! if you don't like it, trade it to someone else LOL. Everyone has their "niche" for me, its this crazy ass shit, for someone else I know its PERFECT yarn, for others its gorgeous colors and fluffiness....theres plenty of room for everyones talents and tastes!