Sunday, October 01, 2006

I'm in Cloth Paper Scissors!

I have a doll pictured in the article on Bernies "A place to Bark" article in the latest Cloth, Paper, Scissors. I gave Bernie one for a gift a couple of years ago and she loved it, gave her a few more for the auction-now, she wants me to offer a class on them....Maybe I should.

Heres a small one I did for my friend Deb for her Xmas tree last year. She is 4 inches tall


natasha said...

i love it! i made these creepy handsewn dolls with embroidery a few years ago, i mean creepy. i should take some photos, but i ain't in no magazine! i have been trying to get some work together to submit there and stampington, too. congrats! you so special! woot woot! i have some bragging to do, to, so we will talk soon. go go go velma!

Colette said...

Those were always great favorites of mine!
Congratulations, hon!!!!!

claudia said...

Okay, this little critter is really something else I'd go for the class!!!

velmalikevelvet said...

barbe, she looks like a punk version of the raggedy ann doll my mother made me as a child! i absolutely love it! congrats on being featured in the mag, too. cheers, velma