Tuesday, October 17, 2006

not my day

  • woke up with intense sinus face pain, and a headache.
  • Bettie crawled under the covers next to me and threw up.....
  • Friend called to tell me she may get divorce (which is both good and bad)
  • Peanut (Betties Doggie friend)came over and promptly took a huge pee on the living room rug.
  • Did I mention face pain?
  • started sewing a 'quickie ' item for the trunk show, only to realize that the line on the pattern was the MARKING line, not the CUTTING line...sigh...people need to learn to mark their homemade patterns! So-50 pouches or 100 pieces of fabric I can't use for anything.
  • Tried to use some of the fabric, too much work=NOT quick fix
  • took dogs out for walk, Bettie barked at everyone
  • started to put a yarn together, couldn't find needle threader
  • Rob called, his office phone lines got "cut" by some stupid phone installer on the floor and he would have to stay late at work-didn't knwo when he'd get home
  • spinning yarn and the damn bobbin brake thread broke AGAIN...
  • spun yarn, couldn't get flyer off to change bobbins
  • Got SFCM email, couldn't get into google too look at the document. Had to set up another google account because it woudn't recognize me at all....
  • got bobbin off, started to ply the yarn and now the whorl keeps falling off which makes my wheel is unuseable...and I have NO idea how to fix it....Needless to say, I'm more than a BIT panicked about that right now.
  • Its 8:30=still no sign of my husband
  • my gallbladder pain is back
  • Did I mention sinus pain????? well lemme mention it again
  • and a full on tension headache too
Ya...not really a positive day at all..........


Colette said...

And it rained here all day, I mean non-stop, all day. And the thread on my sewing machine kept breaking, which was so frustrating because I bought top quality thread and checked everything...

Gah! Hope things are better by now. XOXO

Maija said...

Oh Barbe...things HAVE to get better!
Gall bladder attacks are the worst pain I have ever had. Get the nasty thing out....a couple small cuts, a bunch of gas and you'll be all better!

Saints and Sinners said...

Thanks Maija! Sadly-they don't really KNOW what is wrong with the darn thing!!! I've seen a few doctors & had a bunch of tests, and no stones or anything show up..so now I'm waiting until I get a really BAD attack, so I can get some blood test while in severe pain to see what is in the blood..and of course, since I got that prescription for the bloodtest-I haven't had hardly any pain at all! today=slight but not those "I'm gonna die" pain attacks..... Which is good, but bad cause I want to know what is going on in there LOL.

velmalikevelvet said...

oh, man, barbe, don't you just abhor days like that?!? i'm thinking good thoughts on your behalf. if you can, i've found that a short lie-down in the dark w/ something frozen on my sinuses helps (even a bag of peas will work). if that doesn't do the trick, sometimes a margarita (or any cold alcoholic bev.) will loosen things up, both me AND my sinuses.

feel better!

natasha said...

barbe, i almost called you last night and actually spun regardless of a bad headache which turned into a migraine. and i still am a bit googly still. how odd, eh?

if your wheel is still being freaky, call me and i will try to walk you through it. like i know any better than you. ha! that is one thing i really prefer about my louet=nothing to confuse me. there is a leather tension thingy and then the drive band is rubber and that is it. fancy as that. my lendrum has the stupid string tension thing and i hate it. i snap it sometimes a bunch of times in a row. aaaargh!

oh, and i think tivo is dying. it keep freezing up with the "this show is on, changing the channel now" message frozen on the screen. and nothing will make it go away until that show is over plus 4 minutes. i dread having to call them, though.