Monday, October 09, 2006

oh today has been VERY trying...very very very trying.....
YIKES! I want to hit the "do over" button! Everytime I start to come back to center and calmness something else happens.

First I woke up to find that Miss Bettie had gotten up in the middle of the night and peed on a pile of yarn I had next to the bed. I can't blame her, she was shut in the bedroom with us and couldn't get out to do it on the bathroom floor where she usually does it.
Then while cleaning that up, my bestfriend called with a HUGE problem. HUGE, got my upset and worried.
Got email from someone who thought I didn't like them.
Add more friend problems.
Then an ebay problem
And then-web server problems the minute I started to upload new yarns..

I DID get 3 yarns up=YAY! I love them all, and want to keep them. You all saw Sugarplum Fairy yesterday. Today there is Poodle a Go-Go & Phyllis. Go to the NEW section on the website to see them!


velmalikevelvet said...

holy SHITE barbe, those are gorgeous! can't decide which one i love more; you continue to be an inspiration.

handbag received and blogged about HERE, if you are interested. cheers! velma

Saints and Sinners said...

thanks hon! and both sold! which is great cause momma needs more tattoo $$$ LOL