Saturday, October 07, 2006


Hi! been a few days since I've updated on here, I've been avoiding the computer a bit.

Yesterday, I avoided work nearly the whole day!! I uploaded some CUTE new yarns at midnite, so I didn't have to do that first thing in the morning. Got up at 8:30, then at 10:30 Bettie and I walked down to the Academy of Science to pick up an order of fiber from Jamie. Thank you so much for bringing it with you! Then we walked home, and Bettie was REALLY good, only barked at 2 dogs and no people!! and LOTS of people were petting her, and talking to her too=that was a GOOD day for the Bettie!!! Anyway, we came home=where I got Peanut, gave the doggies some lunch, then promptly vegged out online until my friend Yola called. Talked to her for a couple of hours since we've both been so busy we haven't talked in about a month.

I did dye some fiber with my very limited amount of dyes-still turned out pretty. Rob came home, we had dinner (Quiznos salad for me-sorta healthy)-then watched BSG-it was really grim. Just as that was ending, my friend Dan'a called and we talked for over 2 hours. I haven't 'talked' to her on the phone in about 7 weeks, so that was great fun. I wanted to take the day off and did...I felt the urge spin but just could not get to it hee hee.

Then I went to bed and re-taught myself how to knit with some giant needles I found at the thrift store (about size 35 I think???) Why you ask??? Well - I'm in the process of writing a book proposal. I have a list of " to-do projects" and need to add to that list. I should include some knitty things, & I figured I should know how to do it BEFORE I'm asked to do it in front of a camera.. I created a cute neck warmer/scarflette/collar pattern for crochet a few months ago, but more people seem to knit than crochet, so if I can do a basic stitch, I can whip one in a simple way up too....Also POSSIBLY do a few for the upcoming trunk show too. I think I may offer the scarf pattern on my website, its super easy and only takes 30 yards of fiber-but not sure if I should wait until I possibly get published....Colette-you work in the business, what do you think??

I don't really wear scarves and prefer something I can wrap over both my head and neck, like a vintage fascinator pattern. I made a hooded scarf for myself last winter, but...its not the cutest thing on the planet, so I need some new patterns.

The other day I managed to lose 2 pair of pinking shears and I could NOT find them to save my soul!!! I almost bought a pair today but they were $25 and I KNOW I have 2 pair at home already!!! so I held off and took me an hour to find them, under a bag of buttons under the sewing table...sigh......I found them, thats all that matters!

I can't get more than 82 or so yarns of bulky yarn on my bulky bobbin...that really sucks........ I need to make my own monster wheel! I'd spin more of any given yarn IF I could get more on my wheel. I just spun up a pretty white/lavender/babyblue/pink yarn and only got 83 yards and the bobbin is bursting..I've been spinning alot of pastel colors lately-wishing for an early spring perhaps???

I'm also DONE with my class proposals that I want to submit to Art Unraveled! YAY!!! I need to take ONE pic tomorrow than email it all off to her...Not sure she'll want any of them, but can't hurt to try. None of my felting ones got chosen for Art Fiber Fest, which I think was ODD, but maybe they had a better classes to choose from. I am thinking about offering the round felted purse I created for AFF to Art Unraveled too...not sure yet. Tracie better send in her class proposal too!!!!

Tomorrow=back to work. Will try to spin a couple of yarns, send off my teaching proposals, and MAYBE do some cleaning or laundry.......if I'm motivated that is!

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