Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What I did today.

I love seeing the power of intent in action, its so reaffirming.

Yesterday I wrote about needing to get a new drill in my Live Journal account. I had no expectations other than, I really needed a new one since mine died and whats a jewelry artist without a drill???

Within a couple of hours, I had a buy it now on an ebay auction for vintage patterns. Then Rob came home and gave me $125 from the market research to go towards my drill (and he didn't even SEE my post until later!). And then this morning a necklace sold. The grand total exactly what I need to get a Foredom flexshaft.!!!! Ask and it is given - Thank you universe!

Today I had a FULL day. This is what I accomplished:

I completely filled in my half sleeve. Its only been unfinished for 15 yrs-about time!!! I just didn't know what I wanted to do after David (my ex the tattooartist) started it & then we broke up, so I've never done anything. But my old friend here who owns MOM'S Tattoo said "lets finish that" and I said "you're right, LETS!! Granted, it took a while to get an appointment with him he was booked solid for a couple of months, but today was the day. It goes all the way around, and up my shoulder cap, & covered up my beloved, but well faded Witch woodcut tattoo which you can barely see under the dragon. I INITIALLY just wanted vines and morning glories, and have it look like an overgrown wall. Then I decided I wanted a Chinese Dragon. So he mixed the morning glories into the smoke of the dragon to tie it all it. It will be glorious when I get it colored. A nice 4 hour session. After which I came home, ate a salad and crashed hard. I hadn't expected to do this much today but Barnaby gave me a 4 hour block and got into it and didn't want to stop. I'll get color at the end of November.

I MUST spin tomorrow and make some $$$ LOL. I have only one thing for the Friday Yarn update and I don't like it! YIKES! Also I took a pic of the fruits of my labors from my resin day the other day & just deleted it...boohoo! I'll take a pic when I get my table cleared off again.


Anonymous said...

what an awesome tat!! i have 13 of my own and i knew there was an underlying reason i liked you!! it is really beautiful!!
thanks for sharing...

velmalikevelvet said...

i didn't know you sport ink! love the sleeve, just lovely. nice contrast of new and old. i only have 4 small ones now, but you never know...

congrats on the drill dollars!

natasha said...

fancy! i think mine will never get finished because i can never stand to spend the cash. plus i normally don't have a few extra grand, either.

and yay for your new drill!