Saturday, November 25, 2006

Fiber finally!!!

OH I've neglect my yarn spinning for a couple of weeks while getting ready for the trunk show. But thats all over now!

I put up 4 new yarns yesterday, then spun another 4 TODAY and have them up!! Excuse the crappy photos. I did them on my work table under bad lighting. I can NOT find my photo cube that I used only 2 weeks ago...and the thing is a good 24 inch square so NOT like its small and can get misplaced! WHERE did it go!! where ever it is, it seems to have called my large niddy noddy and got it to meet it somewhere because that disappeared yesterday right after I used it LOL. The way stuff vanishes here-I should call this 'the bermuda triangle loft'.
I'll take better pics when I find it, but for now-8 new yarns are up this week!! the reds are RED. The black is BLACK, not funky like the pics. I am in LOVE with this Super Nova yarn I made, I know it will sell cause I want to keep it!
And if you re sick of red/green as holiday decorations I've spun an Alterna-Xmas/Goth Friendly yarn "An Edward Gorey Christmas". Tell your friends!!! LOL


Tala said...

Barbe -

ADORABLE new stuff in your shop! And I love the new yarns, too! Verrry pretty!

So true about Anthropologie - the most I could wear there is their shoes, and I can't afford them without taking out a second mortgage! Such a shame, some of it is great stuff!

Saints and Sinners said...

Thanks Tala! I can fit into the sz 16=when they have them that is LOL..