Sunday, November 19, 2006

I wish I had the patience...............

I found this pattern tonight while searching for some bootie patterns for a Craft Mafia sister. I LOVE this coat, and I bought for that reason alone cause at the time I did not knit...I don't consider myself a knitter now either, but at least I can do the rudimentary stuff.

My friend promised to make it, but her life went topsy turvy and shes still this never got done.. One day, I'll have this fab Russian coat for my very own..I can do the hat-THATS crochet!


velmalikevelvet said...

hi barbe! been missing you during my funk, so thought i'd stop by and say howdy now that i'm more or less out of it.

your etsy listings are faboo! love your esthetic, as it's so similar to my own (which i call 'loud vintage kitsch').

this coat si SO gorge. do you mind sharing the title and details; maybe i can find myself a copy somewhere. many thx!


Saints and Sinners said...

hey! wondered what happened to ya!

Yes i'm pretty loud vintage ahahhaah, thats why I covet those glasses you had oin in your halloween pics!

I bought this pattern for the russian coat. Its all knit except for the hat -thats crochet. I love it, but can NOT knit like this...I can barely knit a scarf!

If email me and I'll send you a copy of it, cause I knwo you are the knitting QUEEN!