Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I've been feeling a bit like pooh...and my sinus's have been ACHING. I lost my entire day yesterday to feeling exhausted.
I had 9 hours of sleepSunday night, woke up at 10am yesterday morning utterly exhausted,. At 2pm I was ready to go back to bed but forced myself to try and work. I did one little skein of yarn and decided it was just hideous and stopped. By 3:30=I HAD to lay down, I just could not move. Felt like I had moved a mountain not spun a yarn.

Got up at 5pm to make dinner, ate at 6pm, and at 6:45 I just laid my head on my arm on the dining room table and passed out. Rob woke me up to go to bed. Woke up at Midnite, up for 2 hours and got up at 8:45 this morning and it was HARD to get out of bed!!! I've been ready to go back ALL DAY!! I also broke down and bought some Tylenol Sinus medicine which has killed the face pain THANK YOU TYLENOL!!! And I did rest for a bit, before having a phone conference with the Craft Mafia Sisterhood tonight.

I did manage to spin a couple of pretty Holiday yarn skeins tonight. I am gonna try to take pics tomorrow, between cleaning, mopping & trying to get the apt presentable. This studio doesn't count though=its always a mess! A dear friend will be in town 2 days, and I'm want this dirty place as clean as possible. So much dirt blows inour windows form the construction site. I wish it would rain and they would finish so grass can grow there again.

AND I hope I feel better tomorrow! Cooties suck!

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