Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Whoosh-there it goes!

The time-its a flyin'!!!

Where did it go??? I seriously don't know where the last few days went, but they went! I have been posting alot of stuff to my Etsy store, and that seems to take FOREVER...I wish they'd streamline the process a bit....like have it all on ONE page or allow you to 'sell similiar item"...That would help alot!

No matter= stuff is being listed slowly, with alot more stuff to come. Marking down prices like a madman cause its the Holidays, I want people to buy lovely things at good prices and I really want it all to go on to new people to enjoy and clear up my room.
Also -I"m open to bartering stuff both from my website and from the Etsy store, so if you have a webstore and are interested please email me! I'm currently doing some trades with a couple of fun websites and I can't wait to get the stuff! I'm always looking for more handmade soaps/bath products, scented candles, fiber (of course!), little clothes for Bettie, and who knows what else! So if you like something but are short on the dosh, email me.

Heres a bit of what I listed today on Etsy for your viewing pleasure:

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