Thursday, November 02, 2006

work, work, work!

I think Thursday is my busiest workday of the week. Its the day I take photos, resize, add descriptions to the website, etc.... And it was no different today. 5 or 6 yarns will go up tomorrow=maybe more if I can spin another tonight. All yummy Seasonal stuff! Also finished some stuff that is going off to Tracie Lampe to consign for me at a few shows she is doing. Heres a pic of the flower pins and tissue cases before they got boxed up today

Spent alot of time emailing people about sending swag for the goodie bags. I hope I get some good replies. Our SFCM website is down due to a glitch....HOPEFULLY it will be fixed by tomorrow evening or I may be bald soon worrying about it.

Back to work!

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natasha said...

very cute, lady! oh, i managed to break the phone, it is leaking something slimy. acid? not good. so we need to get a new one this weekend. sigh.