Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Holiday MEME

  1. Hot chocolate or eggnog? Eggnog only now, hot chocolate makes my tummy hurt now that I'm an old lady!
  2. Do you wrap presents or just set them under the tree? I love to wrap, I wish I had the room to store wrapping paper and fun stuff to put on packages.
  3. colored lights or white?...color baby!
  4. Hang mistletoe? not anymore
  5. When do I start decorating? Usually Dec 1, but not this year cause I got the flu. I have 2 trees up but both are STILL bare!!
  6. What's your Fave Holiday Dish? cookies
  7. When did you learn the truth 'bout Santa? can't remember to be honest
  8. Do you open presents Christmas eve? Yes, its a German Family tradition to open at least one.
  9. How do you decorate? vintage 50's
  10. Fave Christmas memory! When I was 5, walking out and seeing the biggest doll house ever....

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