Saturday, December 16, 2006

I actually accomplished some things the last 2 days!! Still running SLOW, but yesterday went to Walmart (I NEVER get to go to WalMart!) got a bunch of candy, ribbon and boxes for gifts. Didn't find the kind of craft stuff I wanted, but thats ok. Then I took a Mucinex pill and it gave me horrible stomach pain, I was down in bed for 2 hours...not cool! Got up, finished sewing a gift, got it wrapped up, got 2 boxes for prezzies wrapped up and labeled. Go me!

Today: got up at 11ish, REALLY dragging like I was in mud (too much Nyquil I think) went to the postoffice to mail an international pkg and the line was insane!! after much time, I gave up. Took my 6ft folding table to my craft mafia sister, because she does ALOT more shows than I do and I need the room. Sat at the beach for a bit, watching the crazy waves and the crazy birds then home.

I need to get off line and work on some stuff to show to my friend on Monday. I am hoping I can use his popularity (which he is happy to oblige!) to boost my sales. He gets a freebie out of it so its a win-win situation!

I STILL Haven't taken pics or updated my website or etsy....I know, BAD GIRL! but I'm finally getting back on track and as SOON as I get my WAY belated holiday stuff done, I'll be working on the business again 200%!

Heres a pic to amuse you. Its my pooch Bettie laying next to a bunch of yarn:

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