Friday, December 01, 2006

I'm wanting to sew, needing to sew...I have the itch to sew....I WANT to sew!!!

I have a couple of vintage jacket patterns I want to makeup and for ONCE I even have the fabric and lining fabric to do it! I just needed the motivation (now here) and the space.
I just need to clean up all the yarn, fiber on the floor and the junk all over the sewing machine/table before I can think about sewing......And theres more patterns I want to pick up & make including the dress on the left and coat below. I love this dress and want to make a couple for VLV, but I'll be putting ona slim skirt cause these gathered things do not look good on someone of mygirth.

this jacket is cute and simpler than my vintage pattern....I can add button holes easily.. I must try to pick this up this weekend.

I have a couple of things I want to make for gifties too...that requires room cleanup as well.. And someone wants me to do a mixed media necklace...need to clean the fiber off my table.....
Also-have I mentioned I'm "trade friendly"? If you would like to do a swap, email me.....and I need to link to more blogs too-so email me if you want to swap links.

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