Friday, December 08, 2006

It lives........

Well....sorta lives anyway!

I thought I had a bad cold, but it quickly turned into a horrible flu...I thought I was getting better yesterday and woke up, stuck in bed again today...ugh! Its all down in my lungs now and I can hardly breath, lots of coughing, lots of noseblowing, lots of aches...ick!

I did manage to update my site...just took me ALLLLLLL DAAAYYYYYY to do...but I did do it, and thats all that matters!!! In bed again, on the laptop trying not to cough up a lung or 2.

I put some pretty holiday yarns,& some pretty feathered yarns like this one titled "Feather your Nest" And I do offer gift tell your family what you REALLY want for the holidays is gift certificates to your fave sites!


natasha said...

purdy! i am going to check em out. i finished my first batch of white snowbride! 300 yards =2.5 lbs! whoaly moly! my no do updaty.

natasha said...

i just went to look at em. those are some festive yarns, lady! purdy purdy. i hope you are feeling better! i have a sore throat! i either snorted too much fiber or caught it from you. hmmm? you have some 'splaining to do!

Saints and Sinners said...

you rock!! I don't think I could fit 300 yards on my regular bobbins...only bout 150......damn!

yes, I gave my cooties your address!!! hee hee