Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My Holiday coupon!

My Holiday Gift to you!
15% off Coupon good until Jan 3, 2007. www.barbesaintjohn.com

Also applies to my etsy site too www.barbesaintjohn.etsy.com

Feel free to pass the coupon code around to everyone. I'll be listing some fiber batts tomorrow, so be sure to check those out too!
On the health front:
I'm running at about 65% normalcy....which is better than yesterday, and hopefully I'll be completely well by the weekend. I have too many things to do, and no energy to do them. Today is my good friends birthday and I got sick last week while shopping for her=so she didn't get a gift today. I feel terrible about it, I know its not my fault but still-BAD time for this flu. I HOPE I can get the energy to leave the house tomorrow and get her something nice.
Heres a pic of a gift I made while in my death bed (sprayed with lysol so the cooties don't come with it!) I hope they like it

And also an ornament for a friend, I hope she likes it too!


natasha said...

really pretty!

thanks sooo much for the package! did you give me more batt than i ordered? that is a lot! wooot! crap, now i have to give you something GOOD for xmas!

jake was excited to get stuff! he says fanx!

oh, also he says to tell the jesse the devil (below) that he says hi. is he a republican? jake said he thought he was. just thought you should know is all...

oh, and how do you have tags now? huh? so swank!

i would knit the capelet for you, but my short attention span assures taht the pattern wouldn't...look like that. if you know what i mean.

Colette said...

Oh oh oh! The ornament is adorable x 100!!! It's one of the best I've seen.

I'm going slipper-shopping today!