Wednesday, December 27, 2006

new stuff!

finally=I'm feeling the yarn groove again! got 5 new ones up today!! GO ME!! actually I wanted to get them up yesterday since so many people were online shopping...but that didn't happen LOL. I am hoping that people will be in a shopping mood all week.

Heres one of the new ones=Sea Anemone!

I tried to shop yesterday but could not find ANYTHING to buy!!! I wanted to!!! I had gift cards!!!! I want some new sweaters/winter tops but everything is either black, white or tan!! YUCK! I'm wanting COLOR!!! where did it go????? And I've been called a Goth by 3 different people this past month so I figure I need to wear some brighter colors LOL


Amy said...

oh, i love the color combo in sea anemone. too pretty.

Saints and Sinners said...

Thank you Amy!!! It was lovely=it found a new home and is on its way now..I am going to make others, cause I love the way it looked.

natasha said...

really purdy, lady!