Friday, December 22, 2006


Blessed Solstice everyone!
I only managed to get TWO yarns done this week and ONE spinning batt, both of which are up on the site. But to be honest, I carded batts for both yarns so not like I wasn't working.

I"m finally feeling relatively 'normal'. My lungs have been heavy but are clearing up, but the bad thing is I'm having bad heart palpitations when I lay down at night. I need to see a MD about this, as your heart not beating right ISN'T A GOOD THING....but its Xmas and not really people around.. but its on my LIST to do.

This Momma needs a new wheel, so I'm needing to make some $$$$$$. I HOPE to make a huge update of stuff on Dec 26-so make sure you do your shopping on line!!! Avoid the crowds and hassles at the stores. I'll also be slashing prices in the Etsy shop too-that stuff all needs new homes bad.

Heres a peek at the big momma yarn I put up today=Pinky Tuscadero in Love, nearly 1/2 lb of lovey fiber goodness!

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natasha said...

i think mine turned into pinky fluffadoro, but still crazy...