Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Devil does exist.......

and he lives in San Francisco-spewing flu germs on people for fun..I have the flu AGAIN...I've been well for just over aweek, and BAM. Been in bed for 2 days. Woke up yesterday sick, but HAD to go to the Post office and grocery store otherwise I would have been starving AND sick...So we did that then crawled into bed. Rob is sick too-but he is less sick then me. Which is weird cause he doesn't eat well, drinks alot of coffee and smokes.

And do you whats good when you feel sick andthe roof of your mouth is hurting-organic vanilla soymilk with a shot of Lemoncello...DELICIOUS and soothing LOL. Maybe I should have had a glass of that so I could sleep the last 2 nights.

I DID manage to get pics taken so I could mail off images for an upcoming book. Its up to them whether I'll get accepted or not-but at least I can check that off my list of goals for the month. I also have a gallery show I need to apply for too this week, the deadline is Jan 15, and I only have one shrine and should have 3 things to submit......

BEFORE I got sick, I started crocheting a teacozy. I drink ALOT of tea and its been cold here and my teapot is getting cold quick. So I found a couple of great crochet patterns on etsy by Crochetroo. I have one side done and need to do the other, but I haven't been able to do anything the last 2 days.....I'm modifying mine cause popcorn takes too much time and yarn. I plan on looking thru some of these vintage pattern booklets I have and seeing if there are anymore patterns. If anyone has any to share-let me know!


natasha said...

i am so sorry you feel so grody. soy milk and booze? ewwwww! i was so sick and couldn't sleep last year that i drank whiskey. this from the girl that thinks that wine is gross. whiskey. oh my. how do people drink it? ewwwwww!

call me if you feel up to spinner yet, either? i am waiting with bated breath. i may call him today to see if it is sent yet.


Colette said...

Out, out, damned spot -- I mean flu. Are you drinking green tea? It's supposed to boost your immune system. I own only one tea cozy, it doesn't keep the pot very warm but my grandmother made it for me (she was a gifted crochet-er).

Get well soon XOXO

Saints and Sinners said...

Thank you Colette! Yes, I drink ALOT of green tea, but these bugs just say "thank you, we were thirsty" LOL I swear the flu is getting worse and worse every time it hits people..ugh...luckily my friend in Santa Cruz sent me a box of herbs which I've started taking yesterday=that will help get me back to health!

Saints and Sinners said...

natasha-I know it sounds gross..but it is good!!! LOL Lemoncello is creamy, then mixed with the vanilla soy=it just worked!!

but then again-I'm sick so maybe it is digusting LOL

mati rose said...

i'm so sorry you're sick! been there too much recently... i should've tried limoncello!!
thank you so much for your offer of a sewing machine! crazy generous. i see you're in SF? if you're still feeling like giving it away when you're better... i'd be thrilled!

Saints and Sinners said...

Hi Mati!
Yup I'm in the city=2nd & Harrison so when I'm sick free and non infectious-I'll let you know! I'm so thrilled you will be able to use it!

Tala said...

Ugh! SO sorry to hear you're sick! My little one's been sick since Christmas, so whatever it is going around, it's tenacious!

Thanks for the recommendation of the Babe wheel! I did see Natasha will be selling them, and I am seriously considering one (if only they weren't so, um, ugly!)

Hope you're feeling loads better soon!!!