Sunday, January 14, 2007

I'm finally getting over the flu redux. Yesterday I had a migraine than headache, woke up with headache and still have a mild one..HOPEFULLY, tomorrow I'll be 99% pain free.

Being sick then having headaches don't really make me creative. I want to be creative but I can't focus and everything takes 4 times as long to accomplish.

I got a new Babe Electric spinning wheel on Friday. It has its quirks, thats for the motor flying off when I was plying...........NOT good! I need to figure out a way to secure it. YOu have to move the motor over to the other side to ply, so I need to have a way to unscrew it then refasten it on the other side. Its loud and its wobbly...but it was relatively inexpensive and I'm hoping I can work out the bugs and modify it to the PERFECT spinning machine.

Yesterday I finished a kimono scrap yarn for my Craft Mafia groupmate Jessisca. Only 48 yards though=which kinda sucks but hopefuly she can still use it. I may try to make another one...maybe! I have a billion things I want to spin but constantly look for the "stuff" to put in it...that seems to take up way too much time. Isn't that the way with us mixed media artists though, we are ALWAYS on the hunt.

I got a package of lovely metal bits from Sara at Manto Fev yesterday too-lots of little keys which I absolutely LOVE. If you love collage, go to Manto Fev and shop away!

I have a bunch of shrines I want to make and jewelry to up date on my website...the list never seems to end.

Tomorrow is another postal holiday, so I won't be making the trip to the postoffice like I'd LIKE to do. But I can pack stuff, got lots to pack up. I'm also gonna go check out a little dance studio about 4 blocks away. Walked Bettie by there one time during our post office runs and I kept putting it off because of Thanksgiving then flu then Xmas then tomorrow -no excuses.

I can't believe the month is 1/2 over and its so cold here. NOT midwest cold, but cold for SF. The news people are so funny talking about the frigid temperatures, like its the Artic Tundra out there LOL its ONLY 40 degrees not 40 below!

Off to do something creative!

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Spinayarn99 said...

I am so glad you are getting over the flue. It can really pull you down and it certainly is difficult to concentrate on being creative.
Take care !!!!