Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I'm upset and must vent. This isn't a pretty post, and is full of emotion................

if someone wants to swap one on one, or if someone does a private swap where people have to be pre approved as to skill level, commitment level, quality of work, etc....then I'd do it but no more random swaps....

I'm in yet ANOTHER yarn swap that isn't going well...This time is "Spin me a Treasure" swap partner has NEVER EVER contacted me. I emailed the swap hostess about it last week and she said the person who got me, was having trouble getting ahold of me. So I assume she gave her the email address again..Its possible=typos have been made in the past.

So I emailed her today saying that my partner STILL hasn't emailed me. I just got an email saying "Your swap godmother has sent message saying that she has trouble reaching you by email. Her yarn is ready (maybe already sent). She was very happy with the yarn she has received and hopes that you will like hers as much."

I want to cry and scream at the same time. This person doesn't KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ME!!! and obviously didn't even TRY!!! The Secret people were to email their partners in Dec....if she was having trouble not getting replies from me in Dec why didn't SHE contact the swap hostess??? why is it that it took ME the recipient to start asking the questions before she decided to say she couldn't get ahold of me. Why do people sign up for swaps that they don't follow thru with?

I'm so upset over it....I'm picky-I'll admit it! Like how I hate brown and taupe or that I prefer chunky to thin, or that that like SOFT stuff and lots of glitz...But she spun something without out even bothering to ask me about my likes, dislikes, interests, etc....ridiculous. I spend ALOT of time trying to get to know my partners and do soemthing THEY want....and, my yarns aren't INEXPENSIVE. In this swap, my partner wanted something red, black, silver and funky & chunky...And thats what she got and she loves it. I didn't send her something pastel and laceweight, I ASKED what she wanted as a perfect swap gift. And quite frankly, the yarn I spin is good and interesting and I expect the same in return.

This is the last random swap I will do. I'm sick to death of spending alot of time and energy making something wonderful for my downstream partner, while I end up getting stuff that is poorly spun and nothing I'd ever use. My last swap was supposed to be a magic ball (where you wind up things in a a yarn ball) and I got a horribly handspun skein & a handful of beads in a bag-not in a ball as per the rules and no hidden treasures. I felt so let down I called Natasha & cried. I had worked so hard on my yarn for my partner, and after I wrapped it up with all the hidden treasures it weighed over one lb!

Now, I would love to have to eat crow on this and get something super duper amazing..I really would, but I've had so many bad swap experiences I don't have hope.


Colette said...

You know I agree with you 100%. and you know why!

I know how much work and CARE you put into it, not just spinning but finding out what the recipient wants, and wo on. So I am hoping you get something suitable back. However, this business of "email not working" is always suspect to me. Especially when you re-send you email address.

No more swaps. One-to-one with someone I know well is all I will consider these days.


Crow Calling Woman said...

Oye tell me about it. I like to pamper my swappees hoping that someday I will get the same treatment. I usually get lousy, unresponsive, uncommunicating partners as well. I could rant all day about it too. I seem to have gotten lucky this time...I seem to have some really nice yarn coming my way, I only wish I would get someone that was a bit more chatty, or able to be more!

tiffinix said...

Oh I am so down with you on this! Every so once in awhile you come across a great random swap that really sparks you and is awesome in quality. But for the most time it is just. . painfully aggravating!
Good for you besides this will give you more time to go for your goals this year anyway!!

Spinayarn99 said...

As your swap partner, I REALLY DID APPRECIATE your questions. I feel that it the only way to getting to know your swap partner.

I am fairly new to swaps, but I always send what I would personally like to receive.

maylin said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I know what you mean about swaps. I still haven't had anything from my spoiler in Spin me a Trasure. After the first contact I have not heard from her despite my emailing for information. The moderators have said they have also emailed her and to get back to them if I hear nothing by mid February.

It isn't just that though I a also in Spin to Knit swap and my spoilee seems really nice but only has one entry on her blog and never updates. It is very frustrating when you want to get to know them and come up with some really appreciated surprises.

My first swap was SP8 and I had the most wonderful spoiler so know how to be a good spoiler but I often feel a little deflated when parcels I receive are bare minimum - I don't mean I expect to receive loads of goodies (though there is no denying it is nice and doesn't have to be expensive) but some friendly contact is much appreciated.

Hope your spoiler comes through in the end. I think so much is down to the moderation.

Why not set up a swap of your own? A Wild Spinning swap. I would sign up - hell I would help you!