Thursday, January 11, 2007

Its alive!!!

I've risen from the bed! I managed to stay out of my bed for 9 solid hours today-I win a gold star hee hee! Also took Bettie & her doggie friend Peanut out for a walk today, but I had NO energy to do anything other than surf the web and talk on the phone. Thats ok, when you are sick, you are sick-no need to push it.

Tonight, I made soup & sandwiches for dinner. Then crawled into bed with the laptop and a bunch of stuff to pre=thread for spinning. Rob just crawled in with me, he is still sick and is gonna take tomorrow off so he can try to rest.

My new spinning wheel gets here tomorrow and I'm so excited. My pal Natasha is going to start selling Babe wheels so I ordered one thru her. I have NO room cleared for it though........ I have a box full of rubber stamps pulled out to ebay as well as other stuff, and TONS of fiber with no room to put it-I need a room bigger than 7ft by 13 ft! I wish I made a real salary so I could rent the empty apt next door and put all my studio in there...THAT would be heaven. I don't want to get a studio across town, because I LIKE being at home, with my kitties and my stuff and workin at 2am if I want. But-I don't have an extra $1800 a month for that right now. SADLY!

Natasha and I are working on a fun collaborative SECRET project too!!! well, we started work before the dang flu and will have to take up again now that I am bettter. I'll post about it when it comes together.

Tonight I am working on another kimono scrap yarn for someone and stuff for a few other yarns. Looking for "stuff' takes more time than spinning or creating. Thats a downer! I don't have to room to buy alot of stuff and store it until "whenever" I want to use it like I use to. Tradeoffs.....

I think I am going to start sending out a free pattern with every yarn sale. I have a few patterns that I need to write up properly and print out. Maybe put some on here too. Blogs with "how to's" seem to get read alot more than non how-to blogs.

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