Tuesday, January 23, 2007

New Spinning Fibers!

I actually got some work done today!! not much, I STILL don't know where my day went. I couldn't wake up until 10 am (10 hours of sleep!) and its 9pm and I can't say I accomplished much of anything!

I've got one batt and a few bits of dyed roving up on Etsy right now..however theyare done until midnight 1/23/07 so you'll have to look at them tomorrow. The link= http://barbesaintjohn.etsy.com/

But here are some pics-the first is 'Rainbow', the second 'Tender Heart', and the 3rd is 'Battered & Bruised'

1 comment:

natasha said...

oooh, i love em! must. not. buy. fiber. plus, you would just give it to me. so there is that. in that case. i'll "buy" it all!