Wednesday, January 31, 2007

One of my goals for 2007 is to get my art out there, to get into more galleries and to actively search & apply for "call for art" listings.

I had originally written down 3 galleries that had call for art, and due dates this month. But getting the flu again right after New Years eve put a damper on doing them. However, I was going thru old emails and looked at one of the galleries and was happy to see they extended the deadline to Jan 31 (from Jan 21). So I got off my duff, and filled out the application online,hopefully I will get accepted.

Also, there was a call for yarn for an upcoming Pluckyfluff book and I sent off a yarn to Lexi for that as well this month. So I guess I'm not doing quite as bad in my art goals as I originally feared.

Tonight, Jessica and I are heading over to Fruitvale to the Institute of Mosaic Art to a workshop on Art Marketing sponsored by the Pleasanton Craft Mafia. We hope to get alot out of it, and I finally get to meet some East Bay Ladies I've known thru various online Altered books, collage and art groups over the years! thats very exciting!

I'm also trying to SPIN!!! I would love to have more than 2 skeins to update this week! I did one with pretty vintage brass butterflies, a doll part one, and another burlesque one in jadeite and magenta. Those colors are gorgeous together, like an updated 30's version of jade and burgunday. I want to keep it, but I'll never make anything out of it. and have nothing green to wear sadly (need to work on that!) Also-I keep making myself scarves in blue/purples but my coats are all red/pink or leopard??? I need more coats in blue/green/brown and some scarves in red/black! hee hee

I also made a couple of batts but they don't seem to be selling on the website but they do on Etsy. So I guess I'll list them over there. I LOVE doing batts, I could do it all day long LOL.

and-I have about 9 bottles of Procion dye (for cotton) that are some I bought accidentally and others got sent to me instead of the Acid dye I ordered. I'd love to trade them for either acid dyes or non-wool fibers (tencel, angora, camel, mohair, cotton, soysilk, firestar, etc). Some are one oz, some are 1/2 oz..if you are interested, email me and I'll give you all the details.

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