Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Also-one of my pieces sold at the Lovey Hearts exhibit already!! the exhibit doesn't officially open until the 10th!

Today I must work on marketing, and cleaning up my tiny room. the floor is covered in yarns and fiber and I can't find Bettie....

I don't think I've posted it on here, but I've decided to try and learn Welsh. People have been really confused when I tell them and they ask- Why??? Are you Welsh? do you know Welsh people?? Why would you pick Welsh?

To which I answer: no, I'm not Welsh and I don't know anyone Welsh. I don't think you have to be of the nation to learn its language. I am studying it because its difficult and my brain needs a workout.

And its interesting!=so why NOT Welsh?? or Farsi or Swahili or whatever.

I'm still on week 1 cause I keep going over and over and over. I want it burned into my brain before I go onto to week 2 lesson. Yes, I'll be doing it forever, but I'm on no time deadline, so why not?

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