Monday, February 26, 2007

Goodbye Mr. Buttons

Theres a cute little button store over in the East bay. Really just a tiny closet of a place, but the owners are adorable. Mary and Vincent Sortile.

When I go in there, I seem to be the only person who LISTENS as Mary talks proudly about her husbands achievements, pointing out the yellowed newspaper clippings framed hanging on the walls and tell me stories of how he got some of his more expensive buttons. I've noticed other people politely nod and then keep looking at buttons, ignoring her for the most part...... Kinda makes me sad, that they ignore her...

Anyway, Rob came in last night as I was lying in bed in cramps about Vincent passing away.....Very sad.

Do Mary a favor and go over, buy some stuff and help her pay for the funeral costs.

Exclusive Buttons
10252 San Pablo Avenue
El Cerrito, California
(510) 524-5606
On the business card hours listed are Friday & Saturday from 11-4

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Spinayarn99 said...

I would love to go visit her, but Mary is a long way from the land of Oz