Saturday, February 03, 2007

Happy Dance!!!!

I am doing the happy dance today! Just got the mail with a LOVELY package from my secret Pal in the Spin to Knit swap. I asked her to make me a yarn that symbolized her and something that she loved to do.

I got and AMAZING yarn, its so PRETTY!! and spun like heaven, I am so impressed.! I can't spin thin, and this is so perfect. Also the colors=oh the colors are so bright and wonderful. I love it=I don't know what to make yet, but for now it will sit on my desk to brighten it up-as a real work of art!

She also sent me some gorgeous stitchmarkers and the most delicious smelling lavender sachet in a gorgeous teal silk bag. And Cadbury eggs!! REAL Cadbury! not the fake Cadbury we get here that is manufactured by Herseys!!

Thank you Secret Pal!!!!!! I can't wait to find out who you are!!


Spinayarn99 said...

What a lovely coloured skein and the spinning looks so even. I just love the card.

Crow Calling Woman said...

Where is this Spin to Knit? I'd like to play!

Saints and Sinners said...

Hi Crow Calling Woman!
The spin to knit swap is closed but you can see the details here