Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I'm still here!!! Purgin' n' packin'!

Slightly stressing that stuff doesn't look like its going DOWN in size and not happy with my rate of packing, eh..... Can't dwell on it though, cause it will just make it worse.

Same as with spinning/yarn stuff....I need to spin, but I get anxious cause I NEED to pack too so I end up just being nervous and doing something else not so productive. I haven't had any sales in 2 weeks since we got the news, all my energy and focus has been on MOVE/PACK not make/sell. Hopefully I can find a balance this week.

I have a lovely yarn package going over the sea to my Spin to Knit partner, Vivien! I revealed early LOL-but thats ok she still likes me! I have it boxed up, just need to get it to the PO this week.

Also gonna have another fun annoucement later this week=stay tuned!!!!!

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