Thursday, February 08, 2007


I just found out, that our building has been sold and the people on the 3rd floor have gotten eviction notices.....60 days to vacate.

We haven't gotten one yet, but I know its coming. I'm glad to have the advance notice and I am TERRIFIED beyond words. San Francisco is a TOUGH rental market, and if you have animals you are at the will of the gods as to if/when you get a place to live.

It took me 3 months to find this place. And I like it here, I dont' want to move. I love living downtown with everything 4 blocks away, I like being able to make a quick trip Whole Foods if I run out of soymilk, or down to Utrecht.

The cost of housing here is astronomical and everyplace requires 3 months worth of $$$ up front-first month, last month and deposit. If you have animals thats even MORE $$ deposit usually $300-$500.....So if you get a $2000 apt, you need $6500 to move in. Let alone packing stuff (no one throws out boxes here!) moving van, moving people to move big stuff, trying to find someplace that isn't smaller than this...etc, etc, etc.....

I'm so scared at this very moment I don't know whether to cry or vomit. Its overwhelming and so open to all kinds of bad stuff happening. I need the evening to try and process it, I need a few hours to mourn, and cry over the injustice of it all and then I can try to be positive. I know that if I focus on the horrible stuff I'll attract it, but I also know that I can only move up to slightly better feelings, not positive ones right now.

Please, take a moment to not feel sorry for us-but envision us happily living in a beautiful space with Bettie and the cats. That is the best thing you could do for me.


jessica.neaves said...

That's awful! It took me months to find my place too. Let me know if you need help and keep your hopes up - maybe you'll find a place with more studio space!

Spinayarn99 said...

Oh I feel for you. That is a massive amount of $$$ for an apartment .... and apartments that seem a rarity where you live. As we say in Australia "keep your chin up!!"

Chel said...

Oh hon! Sending all good thoughts your way!

I wish I lived closer (than Pleasy-suburbia!) so that I could say - 'Come on over!

Oh well, if things get dire and you are reduced to Pleasy-Suburbia options - COME ON OVER! You're welcome!

In the meantime - I'll focus on only much better options flodding your way...

xoxox- Chel