Monday, February 05, 2007

where did the day go?

I've been busy today! Got a COLD, from someone...I don't know WHAT is going on with my Wei Qi (protective qi so you don't get SICK), guess I should be doing Qi Kung again....Also, I stopped taking the herbs and go in public and get the cooties... SF is cootie city...

Today, I woke up at 10:30, couldn't sleep cause my nose was stuffed and the sound of my own snoring kept waking me up LOL. So then the hubby called from the airport. He had an 8:30 flight that got bumped, so he got a free ticket and a 1:20pm flight. Got up, took Bettie out for her 'morning' walk, then made her breakfast, my bacon, and started gathering stuff to send out to friends. Then I decided to list a bunch of stuff-so thats where the last 4 hours of my day have gone-to Etsy, Ebay and one lone jewelry update to my website.

I put up 13 things today...mostly jewelry & mostly on Etsy. I've marked stuff on Sale too, because I would really like it to go!

Heres a pic of it all! The Scarab necklace is on EBAY, and the Broken Silence Earrings are on the website.


Chel said...

Oh my gosh Barbe - everything you listed is awesome! But none of it is as AMAZING as the big 'ol batch of goodies you sent me!!

THANK YOU! I'm gonna upload some piccys of my Barbe-Package-Spetacular sometime this week, so that everyone can oogle and oggle over it.


xo - Chel

Saints and Sinners said...

oh aren't you the sweetest!! I wanted to send more but felt bad I held it for a day as it was!!!

Saints and Sinners said...
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Judy said...


Saints and Sinners said...

JUDY!!! HI!!!!