Monday, March 19, 2007

Has it really been 10 days, since my last post???

Wow....time flies when you aren't having fun!!!

Well, I'm happy to say its finally DONE!! the packing, the moving-DONE!!!

however, now starts a whole new phase of unpacking, finding new places to put things and organize, etc...

I let go of a wall unit of shelves I had a bunch of supplies stored on...I don't know WHAT I was thinking, other than there wouldn't be room in my new studio.....and I'm probably right-but now I'm not sure WHERE all that stuff will go. LOTS of stuff went bye-bye, and I'm not sorry. But I now need to figure out new/better storage solutions!

I like my new room, I think its about the same size as the old one but shaped as a square not a weird trapazoid with a 1/2 wall.....I'd love to paint it red, but think having white walls in a studio helps the light bounce around better. This one has a large set of windows, and lots of light. Theres a built in little closet with rod and shelf and a curtain to close it off-that is where my sewing machines and fabric will live, that will be GREAT to pull the curtain and hide the mess! on the other side of that was a space that JUST FIT my to big vanity/dressing table (yes, I'm a girlie girl!) I need to get a smaller vanity but can't sell this one until I find a new one. Luckily it JUST fit so its all good!

I kept one wall unit, where my desk was located. I need to get another small table for my printer, because it was just sitting on top of a small cabinet and that went bye-bye too.

I really love the veiw from the upstairs/living room. I'd love to share a pic but I can NOT find the camera!! LOL- I'll be saying that ALOT over the next month!

I want to try and get my room at least partially done this week. I'm going to Vegas April 5-9th and need to sew some dresses for it. So, I need to be able to do that asap!

Also, after moving AAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL these art stuffs (and I think about 1/3 of all the stuff was JUST my art supplies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), I realize I NEED to be ALOT more productive than I have been. I keep collecting stuff but haven't done much other than spin yarn in months! Also, I had the goal of submitting to at least one call for art monthly but the flu then the moving new put that on hold...No excuses now, other than getting settled after this move.

New place-new start, and just in time for spring!

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jessica.neaves said...

Welcome back! and congrats on finishing the move. What a pain!