Sunday, March 04, 2007

I'm back in the 21st century!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to my BRILLIANT husband!

I had been trying to piggyback on unsecure wireless networks in my building...but the signals were always so weak, I could barely get on, let alone STAY on!!!! So I was an unhappy girl for the past few days LOL

But my amazing husband figured out how to use the cell phone as a modem!!!
He remembered reading something about using a cell phone as a he researched that. He wasn't sure if my Motorola phone could do it (its about a yr and half old) so he bought me a new Razor 'smart phone' (with the cherry blossom tattoo design) and paid extra for the t-mobile internet package. Came home and got it all set up!!! So now Rob will take my "old" phone.
Also, we can forward the apt phone to robs cell on the weekend and my phone during the day. But since I need to keep the phone free during the day, I'll be online mostly at night or very sporadically thru the day.

I don't feel so isolated now=funny how dependent I've (we as a culture) have become on the internet and phone....12 yrs ago I didn't even HAVE a computer or cell phone...blows my mind!

We move March 10th-16th, and the T1 line will be set up on March 16th so I'll be back completely then.

But in the meantime, don't hesitate to call or email! If I don't respond right away to either=you know why!

back to packing!!

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