Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I got up at 8am today (crack of dawn for this vampyre) and I do not know WHERE my day went....

I did 2 yarns today and got the worst headache. This new office chair sux to sit in while spinning......its wants to spin back as I'm pedaling and my contorting my body to keep it from moving wrecks havoc.....MUST FIND GOOD CHAIR!! LOL

I worked on my yarn displays. I need a larger drill bit than any I own-so hubby will stop by the hardware store by his office for me tomorrow. Then I just drill holes for the arms, put in arms, glue, paint and DONE!!! I'm excited and hope they don't fall apart at the show -always a fear with me. Although you know I'll screw and glue them so much I'll never be able to get them apart-I still always worry.

Suppose I should do a bit more tonight, while Rob is watching Lost. I'd like to crawl into bed but he's up there working on an article and watching tv so I should be productive.


Tala said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog again!

The trip to MDSW has really inspired me again - I hadn't touched my wheel in MONTHS! Total spinning funk. But I've got fiber on 3 different spindles now, finished plying 2 bobbins that had been sitting, and have spun 4 more yarns this week! Finally - I've felt so out-of-sorts not being on my wheel!

Tala said...

Oh, and thanks for the good luck vibes! I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but this job will give us the little extra money we need every month to get a new house (if I get the $ and hours I want). So. Much. Pressure. Ugh!