Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I'm really ready to settle in to my new apt and start a new work schedule

Sadly, all the JUNQUE I have isn't. It can't find proper niches, it can't get comfy in any one place and has to be moved around and around..

sigh....All I can do is laugh, and pick up more stuff and try to find a place for it.

We got rid of alot of storage units when we moved=they just wouldn't fit in here. We lost 3 armoires, a dresser, 2 nightstands, 3 or 4 bookcases, and a couple of shelving units. We got rid of alot of stuff=but I have so much "supplies" that its really really hard to fit it everywhere.

And we need smaller things-a smaller sofa, a smaller coffee table, smaller dining table, smaller vanity/dressing table and to replace the nightstands, get a small entry way table/cabinet, etc......Those things take $$ and I can't make $$ until I get enough stuff put away and I can start really working.

Made good headway that last couple of days...So I'm taking tomorrow off to do NOTHING!!! hee hee!

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