Sunday, May 13, 2007

I'm watching you!

I see you!!!! BOO!

I find these so adorable-baby blue skulls with auroraborealis crystal eyes. If I were younger I'd keep them for myself-but its not my style and I can't pull them off. I just think they are cute.

Tonight I found some kanzashi that I made about 5 or 6 yrs ago. I made them from vintage & antique kimono fabrics. At the time, I got so burnt out on stitching together the tiny petals I think I only finished about 6 of them. I painted one of the resin parrot pieces I made and attached it to the center. Its not perfect but I think it has charm.

I'm feeling a bit low about everything I've been making this weekend-of course I know this is because I'm pms'ing and being emotional. I'll be much better come Tues.

I drilled the 12 holes in one of my yarn displays today, cut dowel but didn't have enough. So I stopped for the day and finish the construction later. I'll drill the other display tomorrow and Rob will bring home more dowelrod for me. I THINK I can get about 3 skeins on each arm.....maybe only 2 on some of the chunkier skeins, but its still a pretty good amount per display.

I spun 3 yarns yesterday and only one thrilled me LOL. I want to make 4 or 5 more this week if at all humanly possible...of course I have 40 ideas but can't find all the materials. I've made a bunch of single bobby pins too, cause some people don't wear 2 at a time.

Lots more work to do=I need to make tomorrow an early day!

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Judy said...

Those blue skulls would suit mdem dont you think - lol.