Saturday, May 26, 2007

Lookee at me on the Craftzine blog about Maker Faire ! I'm the first pic too LOL

I wondered when I'd see some pics from this session, cause the camera bee was buzzing around us alot during the demo. I don't know who this sweet lady was that I am assisting in this picture- but she was SOOOOO excited to learn to spin. Look at the smile on her face, that AAAGGGHHHH!!! feeling is coming thru loud and strong. It reminded me of of how I felt when I first learned how to spin. I fell in love with it. I was spinning on spindle in the car on the way home from my first class and look at me now! Seeing the excitement in others, refuels my own creative fire.

I know she bought a spin kit from Jamie, and I'm sure shes at home right now spinning away!!

I love talking to people about creative things, and seeing them find such joy in them.

I updated 3 yarns and a few resin jewelry pieces on the website. I have alot of resin stuff to list, but I don't want to spend my days on the computer-I want to create, create, create!!! I have a Gocco machine that I'm itching to use, I have a dress sewn but needs 15 buttons and button holes put on it, I have shrines calling to me to be birthed, I have fiber to dye- I have so many things I'm all fired up to do right now, and listing stuff on the website isnt' high on the list. But-it pays the bills so it must be done. Also my room is a total diaster....and needs cleaned/organized and I hear any volunteers????? LOL

Tomorrow is the big Capsule Fair over in Hayes Valley. I HOPE it will be nice weather. Today started over super chilly, but the sun has peeked out now. I think its still chilly out but at least with sun it doesn't seem so cold. If you're in the Bay area tomorrow-head over to Hayes Valley and check out the fair. Some of my SFCM sisters will be there- Wendy and the ladies of Stitch Lounge, as well as 138 other super talented artists.

Off to the grindstone with me!

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